The famous series about commissar Guido Brunetti enters into Bulgaria

The world famous writer of the crime novels Donna Leon already will enjoyed the Bulgarian readers. On her 25th birthday on the worldwide stage,  the famous series about commissar Guido Brunetti enters into Bulgaria.

Dona Leon, one of the most famous and loved writer of crime novels in our days, is birth in USA, but from thirty-five years she living in Venetia. She works invariably topped charts for bestselling books of world famous magazines and newspapers ("Spiegel", "New York Times"). Her books have been translated into 35 languages, they are published in many countries all over the world. But they aren't published in Italian, at the express request of the author, despite incessant exhortations of many Italian publishers! She wants Venetians of which draws ideas and stories to communicate with her without bias, and can she lead a normal life in Venice.

In the end of January 2016 Dona Leon receives award "Pepe Carvalho". Served in the Barcelona City Council on the occasion of the literary festival "Black week in Barcelona" - a prize among the winners of which included names such as Andrea Camilleri and Alicia Giménez Bartlett.

Coming soon debut novel by author "Death in "La Fenice".

This is the first book by Donna Leon which we will start the beginning a whole series about Guido Brunetti, which intelligence and charm (although no whiskers) compete with Hercule Poirot.
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