No one knows the hour

Nora just lost her father. The loss is terrible enough, but that's not all: her father left her a big fortune and anunusual last request. To get her wealth, Nora has to leave behind her beautiful life in Paris andhas to start new journey to the unknown Austria with one mission – to spread her father’s ashes on the hills of the frozen Alps. And she has to do all that, accompanied by а notary candidate, chosen by her father.
Bernhard is pedantic young man – total opposite of thecheerful and spontaneousheir. At first Nora and Bernhard don’t know where to go or what to do. Every day the young woman receives clues from her father – letters or videos, prepared before his death. Every day of the journey reveals secrets, buried long ago. Every step of the way brings to them new knowledge – about themselves, about their closest people, about life.
Novel for love and friendship. Story about an unusual journey with unpredictabledestination. 
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