About us

We focus on getting the most out of each book through detailed attention to every stage of the process, from editorial to design, the marketing and publicity campaigns and the retail strategy. We do this quite simply because all of us here at enthusiast love books and love publishing and want to do our very best in this exciting process.

As well as concentrating on all aspects of the production of the book we are taking advantage of every opportunity for promotion. We can provide publicity for all our books in the leading weekly newspaper here in Bulgaria – WEEKEND Newspaper, as well as in many daily papers and woman`s magazines. 

Besides we take enormous pride in our efficient teamwork and consider our authors to be a crucial part of that team.
Our aim is to offer our readers an enticing mixture of fiction and non-fiction – contemporary fiction (including debut novelists), crime fiction, high quality literature in translation, children`s literature, non-fiction works focusing on popular culture and popular science.

According to the Executive Council's decision taken on 21.03.2013 , the Enthusiast publishing house is now a member of the Bulgarian Book Association. We trust that together we will be successful in fulfilling the aims of publishing and booktrading, as well as in stimulating reading in Bulgaria.

We hope that you like to read books so much as we like to publish them.

Enthusiast Team


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