"The cinema is a double-edged weapon"

Exhibition dedicated to the novel "Night with the White Horses", the novelette "Barrier" and their visual adaptations
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"Sex and the Communism" book premiere

Enthusiast and Milena Fuchedjieva present Sex and the Communism
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The Bulgarian Writers' Union declared Svetlozar Stoyanov the best young author

"Mark Engraving" receives the Nikolay Haytov Award
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"There are no strangers in here, just friends you haven’t met…"

Favourite quotes by Roald Dahl - one of world's most favorite authors
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Attention! Enthusiast challenges the crime novel fans!

Share your favourite quote from a crime novel published by Enthusiast and win the bestseller "Unwanted" by Kristina Ohlsson
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"Story Factory" during Park(ing) Day

Amazing atmosphere, smiling kids and wonderful drawings
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The 50th anniversary celebrations of Charlie continue

On September 19, on Gurko Street, Enthusiast Publishing House will turn one parking spot into a magical "story factory" 
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Become a translator of Roald Dahl

Участвай в конкурса на издателство „Ентусиаст“ и спечели книга по избор от Разказвач № 1
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Willy Wonka has chosen his successor of the chocolate factory

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day and the 50thanniversary of his most beloved book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”with a great event for children
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