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Title:Requiem for the dead time
Author: Liubomir Levchev
Cover design by:Tsviatko Ostoich
Pages:636 pages
Size:14,5 х 21 cm
Price:20,00 lv.
Levchev ends his autobiography „You are next“ with a spell of sorts: „If I have any more days left I will have to answer a few more questions in a future novel…“

Here is the fulfilled promise of the prominent writer; here is the novel of memories in which a reasonable number of pages are dedicated to the unbelievable Vanga, to revealing the myths surrounding Lyudmila Jivkova, to the Sofia writers meetings. And of course to the „collapse of the system. The Big Bang”.

„Requiem for the dead time“ is not just the memoir of a great person – it’s the personal confession of the poet and individual that is Vladimir Levchev.

The author takes us back in time and shows us his view on the treacherous past and justly observes: “Life agrees to be lived but gets irritated when you try to describe it.”

„Why am I still picking through my dreams as a homeless bum?“ asks the author toward the end of his memoir.

What he reveals will not leave you indifferent.

A whole unforgotten world shines with the magic of his words.

Любомир Левчев: „Три епохи са се превърнали в три книги“ (ZIP 3.31 MB)
Любомир Левчев отбеляза появата на новия си роман „Панихида за мъртвото време“ (ZIP 1.15 MB)
„Панихида за мъртвото време“ – едно изпълнено обещание на Любомир Левчев за отговори и разкрития в роман от спомени (ZIP 783.21 KB)
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