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Title:Black cliff island
Author: Federico Borlandelli
Translated by:Gergana Kalcheva
Cover design by:Neboysha Zorich
Pages:408 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:20,00 lv.
It was a summer like many others, and at Black Cliff Island everything seemed idyllic. The clinic was ready to welcome the celebrities and the resorts of Mendeltown would soon be filled with tourists looking for a well-deserved rest. The citizens of Dr. Goldstein's island moved like pawns in a well-constructed game of society. Everyone and everything was in his place. The fog had retreated, but this happened every year and the old village of miners, long since abandoned, rested silently behind the great lighthouse. Brian, hired by two old visionary twin sisters, would soon arrive in Mendeltown to solve a case of simple resolution. But from the obscurity of the Canadian atoll, between myth and legends, something devious and malicious was beginning to reap its victims, amid mutilations and false beliefs, behind a gloomy surreal design that would shake, without precedent, the minds of a group of heroes ready to do anything to put an end to the wiles of a psychopathic mind, hidden in the bowels of the earth. And for Brian, what was supposed to be a goliardic assignment, it would soon become the beginning of a nightmare that would forever change his young life.
Love and passion, friendship and morbidity, business and secrets, power and duty.
A cocktail of emotions for a psycho-thriller where mythology takes the place of reality and love gives way to morbidity.
Everything will depend on Brian Gillson and everything will happen according to a diabolically designed plan.
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