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Title:Ladies of the East
Author: Cristina Morato
Translated by:Svetoslava Slavcheva
Pages:468 pages
Size:16,5 х 23,5 cm
Price:25,00 lv.
For a good number of Englishwomen, both aristocrats and adventurers, reading The Thousand and One Nightsawoke in them a fascination for the Orient of harems, bazaars, caravans and nomadic Bedouin. At the start of the nineteenth century, travelling beyond Cairo or Istanbul was a dangerous adventure. Armed robbers, the despotic Turkish pashas, epidemics, the difficult journey through the desert… All of these forced less hardened travellers to turn back. This book reclaims the passionate lives of those daring women attracted by the Arab world who left their mark on the Middle East. Women such as Lady Mary Montagu, the first Westerner to enter the Ottoman harems, or the eccentric Lady Hester Stanhope, or the beautiful Lady Jane Digby, who had a passionate affair with a Bedouin chief. And, in the twentieth century, other daring explorers, archaeologists and spies in the service of the British Empire such as Gertrude Bell, who managed in her role as Oriental Secretary in Mesopotamia to help lay down the border of what is present-day Iraq; the tireless Freya Stark, and the famous detective novelist Agatha Christie. All of these women abandoned the comfort of their mansions for a different life: travelling widely or else making sure that their names were remembered in cities such as Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus or Istanbul.

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