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Title:Charmseekers 3: Dragon's Revenge
Author: Amy Tree
Translated by:Aleksandra Kalugerova
Cover design by:Gwen Millward
Pages:80 pages
Size:13 х 20 cm
Price:7,00 lv.
Sesame and Maddy are on holiday in Cornwall when they're whisked to Lantern Hill in Karisma to meet the third gatekeeper, Firebird. The girls arrive to find the spirit of the great dragon, Agapogo, Guardian of the Silver Pool seeking revenge on Zorgan, the sorcerer. A plague of fire-breathing drakons is causing havoc. They must also face Morbrecia, Queen Charm's older sister and bitter rival. There are still 11 precious charms missing - Morbrecia, Zorgan, Ses and Maddy all want to be the first to find them. Charmingly written stories, appealing characters, a beautifully imagined world with its own language - plus a silver charm to add to your bracelet with each book. Collect them all and complete the bracelet.

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