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Title:Collected fairytales and stories
Author: Hans Christian Andersen
Translated by:Peter Milkov Petrov
Pages:400 pages
Size:16,5 х 23,5 cm
Price:28,00 lv.

“Collected fairytales and stories” gathers the completed list of works by Hans Christian Andersen in a luxury edition, which deserves a special place in your home library. Between the covers of the first volume you can find some of your favorite stories from your childhood and also “The light candle” – found for the first time in 2012 in the State Archive of Denmark.
The book is translated in Bulgarian by Peter Milkov Petrov – the first Danish-Bulgarian Andersen translator. In the issue you can enjoy the pictures by Wilhelm Pedersen – the first artist ever to illustrate the stories. Even almost 200 later in Denmark Pedersen’s paintings and Andersen’s tales are considered inseparable.
The first volume of “Collected fairytales and stories” is just the first part from a luxury collection with the great works of the Danish genius.
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