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Title:The Meaning
Author: Ludmila Philipova
Cover design by:Neboysha Zorich
Pages:424 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:18,00 lv.
A story about the collision of past and future, science, reality and philosophy. A girl, born with rear genetic anomaly in a world, where people aspire to perfection. An epic battle of the few, which still believe that our evolution is not an accident and perhaps it has a hidden meaning. An annihilated world, devastated by catastrophes, wrecked by the human barbarity over the nature. One love, born in the ashes of the planet, colonized by the new men. A story about the future we are creating today. A novel which captivating story seeks to find the answers of many questions: How the Universe was born? What is the Universe evolution and what is its faith? What happens to us after death? Which are the most fascinating worlds in the Sun system and is there any life in them? What is the essence of the nature and where is it leading us? Is there a God and what is he? Are there aliens and if so, where? How the life was born and what is the direction of our evolution? What is the true meaning of our life? Is the Universe aware of what it is capable of? What is the meaning behind all that? 

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