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Author: Lea Cohen
Cover design by:Bilyana Slavkova
Pages:344 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:15,00 lv.
Raphael Arie (real personality from the first half of the XX century) is not interested in politics – his main care is women beauty. By fate heis sentenced after a big court trial.
In the early hours on 16th april 1943 in the prison cell of Sofia jailhouse he anticipates an amnesty from the King. Between midnight and six o’clock in the morning Raphael is trying to put together all the pieces of an enormous puzzle and seek the reason for his trial. The truth comes to him in the morning with the King’s final decision…
More than 70 years later, in Dallas, Texas, Dede-Arie-Baker, the last living member of the family who witnessed the events from 1943, celebrates her 94th Birthday. On this day she has a very strange visit. Mr. David Goodman from “Good life” incurrence company asks Dede some questions that bring her back to the story of her family. At first, her story starts as a test for her memory. Later her words become Raphael’s confession.
The action of the novel develops against the background of three harrowing episodes from the new Bulgarian history: the terrorist attack in “Sveta Nedelya” cathedral from 1925, the banditism and the abductions in the early 30s and the trials against the “Jewish speculators” from 1942-1943, conducted by the Government (controlled by Berlin).
The novelreveals the true criminal intrigue, which the author Lea Cohen has found in the archives.
According to Dede Baker’s memories the Aries are resurrected as the most prominent representatives of the Bulgarian perfume industry until 1943.
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