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Title:Death in a strange country
Author: Donna Leon
Translated by:Mariana Hristova
Cover design by:Yana Argiropoulos
Pages:332 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:16,00 lv.
Early one morning Commissario Guido Brunetti of the Venice Police confronts a grisly sight when the body of a young man is fished out of a fetid canal. All the clues point to a violent mugging, but for Brunetti the motive of robbery seems altogether too convenient. When something is discovered in the victim’s apartment that suggests the existence of a high-level conspiracy, Brunetti becomes convinced that somebody is taking great pains to provide a ready-made solution to the crime.
Rich with atmosphere and marvelous plotting, Death in a Strange Country is a superb novel in Donna Leon’s chilling Venetian mystery series.
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„Смърт в чужда страна“ представя втория необичаен случай на комисар Гуидо Брунети
Загадки във Венеция

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