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Title:Kmetal Stories: The Gypsy Camp from Kavarna
Author: Tsonko Tsonev
Cover design by:Konstantin Genchev
Pages:144 pages
Size: cm
Price:10,00 lv.
Tsonko Tsonev is Kavarna mayor from 2003 to 2015. In 2005 he was elected Man of Bulgaria. Big rock music fan, Tsonev is the initiator of the annual “Kavarna rock fest”. He is the man who turned Kavarna to the rock capital of Bulgaria. Tsonko brings to the country hundreds of world known bands and singers. “The gypsy camp from Kavarna” is the second volume of the book “Kmetal Stories” – offstage stories with the greatest rock musicians, who visited Kavarna. You will see legends like Deep Purple, Jørn Lande, Scorpions, UFO and many others like you never did before.

“Making his dream come true, Tsonko chose to enrich Kavarna’s culture by investing in culture. Rock’n’ roll in inseparable part of that process, and inseparable part of the rock are the kmetal stories.”
Jimmy Naydenov, journalist

“I feel like Tsonko is a part from my culture life. That’s why I often turn to him for advice, when I experience difficulties. He always reaches out for the theatre. He is a man with a big soul.”
Teddy Moskov, theatre director

“Long live the useful idiots like you, Tsonko!”
Ernestina Shinova, actress 
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"Кметълски истории. Катунът от Каварна" - новата книга на Цонко Цонев
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