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Title:Spoon and his friends
Author: Monika Hulshoff
Translated by:Velislava Valkanova
Cover design by:Martina Mathos
Pages:32 pages
Size:21х23,5 cm
Price:15,00 lv.
The best friend in the world.

Spoonky and Knify are tangled. “Nobody needs some kind of spoon”, yells Knify. He is demanding that he and Forksy are the best team, because together they deal with solid food. And Spoonky only manages to stir soup, pudding and cottage.

However, this is completely not true. Because when Knify takes the biggest adventure in his life, he would be lost without his Spoonky.

Captivating illustrated book about the knife, the fork and the spoon, which come to live.
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