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Title:Cursed queens
Author: Cristina Morato
Translated by:Svetoslava Slavcheva
Cover design by:Anna Georgieva
Pages:512 pages
Size:16,5х23,5 cm
Price:22,00 lv.
The fascinating lives of six queens who were marked by the tragedy that they were unable to choose their destiny, and who left a profound effect on history.
Eccentric, capricious, rebellious, ambitious ... Beyond a world of privileges, riches, and power, they were all flesh-and-blood queens forced to carry the weight of an empire on their shoulders.
The lives of these queens are a far cry from a romantic fairy tale. Although numerous movies and novels have shown us the friendly face of their reign, in general they were very unfortunate. They all had in common loneliness, estrangement, homesickness, lack of love, or suffering for not being able to produce an heir to the throne. They also share the painful loss of their children, matrimonial failures, or feeling foreign in a court in which they were unwelcome.
Theirs were not great love stories because their marriages were "matters of the state." Some, like Sissi, were empresses against their will, and made themselves sick with depression. Others, like Christina of Sweden, were scandalous because of their outlandish behavior and thirst for freedom. Marie Antoinette and Alexandra Feodorovna share a tragic ending, while Queen Victoria of England and Eugénie de Montijo assumed their role with extraordinary dignity even in the most difficult times.
Through their personal diaries and family correspondence, Cristina Morató reveals the lesser-known, more human side of queens and empresses, mistreated by history, who couldn't choose their own destinies.
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