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Title:Breton gold
Author: Jean-Luc Bannalec
Translated by:Vanya Peneva
Cover design by:Anna Georgieva
Pages:356 pages
Size:14 x 21 cm
Price:16,00 lv.
The sun is setting in the spectacular salt gardens on the Guérande Peninsula. The violet fragrance of the Fleur de Sel is in the air, which the old salt farmers tell us is sometimes creating delusions. That's how Commissioner Dupin actually feels when someone shoots him out of the blue. He just wanted to look around the salinas for a few mysterious barrels that Lilou Breval, a friendly journalist, had pointed out to him. But then Lilou disappears without a trace... Between the picturesque Gulf of Morbihan and the breathtaking land of salt, Commissioner Dupin enters into a grueling investigation that will be his most personal yet. And not only it comes across the energetic Commissioner Rose, but especially on false alibis, huge conflicts of interest, dramatic needs - and again and again on breton stories.
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Бретонско злато
Бретонско злато

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