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Title:Test and Practice Books for Pupils 2nd grade
Author: Ani Novoselska, Dimitrinka Petrova, Nikolina Georgieva
Pages:88 pages
Size:20 х 28,5 cm
Price:10,00 lv.
The practice book for the 2nd grade contains exercise and test questions in accordance to the curriculum for Bulgarian and Math classes for this age group.

The practice exercises help review the material and learn it better. Thus the children get used to tests and practice for exams. Teachers on the other hand get feedback as to how the students are coping with the study material and what any problems in learning are possibly due to (difficulty understanding the material, inability to work on their own, for example, of course according to the requirements for the particular age group). This practice book will help teachers and parents see what the level of each child is and so, if necessary, they can assist him or her improve. Completing the tests will make pupils more confident and will help develop habits and skills in learning.

The co-authors Annie Novoselska, Dimitirina Petrova and Nikolina Georgieva are respected teachers of Bulgarian and Math with many years of experience. The exercise books feature many illustrations. Each book contains two exercise books – one in Bulgarian and the other in Math for each grade. This is the first exercise book of this type published in Bulgaria.

The school material, the graphic design, pictures and layout are in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science as well as with the age group requirements and the school curriculum.

The exercise book was approved by Order № RD 09-346/02.03.2011 by the Minister of Education and Science.

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