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Author: Veneta Raykova
Cover design by:Fideliya Koseva
Pages:304 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:15,00 lv.
Passions, debauchery, faithful twists

Bulgarian highlife is not so sleek and careless as it seems. What’s the secret behind the mask of success? And what’s the price to be always on the top?
They are rich and famous, but now they are facing a crisis, which will change their lives forever. Will they manage to rise again after the catastrophe, or that will be the end of the life they know?

The storyline of the novel intertwines the faiths of a brother and sister. From their miserable existence in Sofia ghetto they two head the charts of the most beautiful and wanted Bulgarians. Boris Ivanov owns the most famous and visited clubs in the capital. Daniela is a Playboy model and a participant in the reality show VIP brother. As it always happens in life – when you are on the top, fate has other plans for you – plans, which none of us is prepared for. What would you do? What way will you choose?

A man starts his journey to ten Bulgarian miraculous places, seeking to find the meaning of life, faith and the power to be the better YOU. 
MEDIA FOR: Insomnia

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