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Title:Bible of the Devil
Author: Richard Dübell
Translated by:Liudmila Kostova
Cover design by:Fideliya Koseva
Pages:664 pages
Size:16,5 х 23,5 cm
Price:22,00 lv.
Swirling, diabolical, breathless story.

Old legend tells the story of a monk with a monstrous sin. To redeem it hеhad to write a book, gathered all the wisdom in the world. In his last days, the monk understood with horror that he couldn’t accomplish his task. That’s why he called the devil to help him and the master of darkness came with no hesitation.

“The devil’s bible” transcends the reader to snowy Wien, Prague, Rome, Toledo, to old monasteries, to heart-braking shelters, among the homeless.

In the years after the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre in France and the discover of the new world, the heart of Europe is tortured by chaos and disunion. The strengths of the religion are shaken and it seems like the devil himself has covered the worlds with his cape. As always, among the insanity of time, love blooms, defeating death, the muddy streets, the ugly shelters,fear, bitterness, ambition, fanaticism, ignorance and stupidity.

And the devil’s legacy is still alive on Earth...
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