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Title:The Witch
Author: Veneta Raykova
Cover design by:Fideliya Koseva
Pages:344 pages
Size:14 x 21 cm
Price:15,00 lv.
„The Witch“is a novel about battle between good and evil and conflict on a quest to light the dark forces within each of us. This is a story of crime and retribution in which the game is rough and the rules  - unclear.

They are beautiful, famous and rich. They are at the top, but haven`t instant peace. Intrigues, scandals, magical rituals and unfortunate events - every day is a struggle for supremacy, happiness, life ...

TV presenter Anna falls in a flurry of absurd events. Deprived of parental love as a child, she wanders in confusion between present and future, immersed in darkness. Her beautiful neighbor Vera wants what does not, and would not have stopped at nothing to get it. Eva - main editor of the society magazine and girlfriend of Anna - will have to take back everything she lost no fault of her own. A Stoyan - neighbor of Anna, sex symbol, actor and host of the TV game, one of the most wanted men in the country has a secret that could collapse his entire world.

In the maelstrom of life events a sinister magic will unmask and roll over human destinies ...

Добри орисници пожелаха успех на Венета Райкова за новата ѝ книга (RAR 1.76 MB)
The Witch (RAR 1.76 MB)
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Венета Райкова пусна „Вещицата“
Играта е груба, правилата - неясни

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