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Title:Iliycho, August and the Seven Dwarfs
Author: Penko Gelev, Sotir Gelev
Cover design by:Penko Gelev
Pages:40 pages
Size:21 х 29,5 cm
Price:12,00 lv.
Iliycho loves his mother, candies, Christmas and a bunch of other things, and since last year he has been expecting to receive a bicycle as a present for his birthday. His best friend is named Orondoramdardagnek. As you have noticed it is not easy neither to read, nor to pronounce it. This is why Iliycho calls him August. When they are together something extraordinary always happens... 
And so his birthday arrives but instead of a bicycle Iliycho receives a book with fairy tales. But it is no ordinary book and it costs one dragon schilling. It has been written by hand be the hurdan huru - a tribe that takes orders for books from all the worlds. This makes the present so precious and yet so dangerous. 
One morning Iliycho finds in his bed a sleeping black haired girl, that looks so much like Snow-white from the book. Iliycho and August will have to return her to the seven dwarfs.  
But how can they do that? They get into a dangerous adventure meeting the White Snake, a super gigantic scolopendra, a mountain troll, a long legged rabbit, a brave soldier, a caterpillar - wizard that lives in a mushroom residence, wooden fairies, and Rumpelstiltskin.
Their adventure is full of obstacles but Iliycho and August bravely face them to complete their mission.

Илийчо и Август с нови приключения в света на приказките (RAR 5.06 MB)
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Втори комикс на братя Гелеви: “Илийчо, Август и седемте джуджета”
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