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Title:Human body in 30 seconds
Author: Anna Claybourne
Translated by:Mariana Hristova
Cover design by:Wesley Robins
Pages:96 pages
Size:18 x 23 cm
Price:14,00 lv.
30 mind-blowing topics for budding biologists explained in half a minute. 
This book takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the human body. 30 key topics are axplored with quick, bite-sized summaries and fast-track facts and information. With cool mini-missions to help you test the amazing things your body can do, and colourful, engaging artwork on every page, this is a fresh and fun guide to the wonders of the human body. 

Learn how your body works ... just in 30 seconds (RAR 3.21 MB)
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Човешкото тяло в 30 секунди
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