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Title:You can save the planet
Author: Jacquie Wines
Translated by:Svilen Stoychev
Cover design by:Sarah Horn
Pages:144 pages
Size:13 х 20 см cm
Price:10,00 lv.
This book is a call to action for children everywhere. The effects of pollution, global warming, and the destruction of our planet have never been so visible or measurable. The book introduces and explains massive global problems that need to be addressed now.
Packed with smart, practical, and fun things kids can do to make a real difference to the future of the planet.

101 ways you can help (ZIP 1.48 MB)
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„Ти можеш да спасиш планетата“ от Джаки Уайнс
Да, точно ти можеш да спасиш планетата
Как да запазим природата
101 практични съвета за промяна на планетата
Малчугани, спасете планетата!
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