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Title:Sex and Communism
Author: Milena Fuchedjieva
Cover design by:Dimitar Slavchev & Antoaneta Voleva
Pages:296 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:16,00 lv.
There is no love without freedom. This is the not-so subtle message of “Sex and Communism,” told through the communist “glamour” and constant paranoia of young Lola’s family, the Karamihovs.  
Set in Sofia and Paris between 1945 and 1982, the book tells the story of the impossible marriage between two people who come from the dominant, warring elites of Communist Bulgaria - the ruling red bourgeoisie and the despised capitalist elite, mostly exterminated by the Communist regime. Lola, a teenage red "princess" coming of age caught between these two worlds, unknowingly carries the burden of a dark, hidden moment in her grandmother's past and inadvertently brings danger to herself and her parents.
"Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets", but not quite for the Bulgarian Lola. Under the privileged life she enjoys in Sofia and Paris lies hidden an unattainable longing which seems to be for love, but is actually for freedom. 
Lola’s mother, Maroussia, is sent to Paris as a cultural attaché in the Bulgarian Embassy. After the family returns to Bulgaria, Lola never recovers from losing the newly found freedom she enjoys in a posh Parisian lyceum, and the short-lived connection with French liberal society irreparably damages her parents’ relationship. 
The glamorous Maroussia and Stefan fall out of love under the invisible pressure of the Communist Secret Police. Lola's mother is forced to spy on Lola’s father, Stefan - the price she must pay for her career. On their return to Bulgaria, Lola refuses to adapt to the strict and severe Communist rules in school, and as she witnesses the “clash of civilizations” that leads to the dissolution of her parents' marriage, she does what most teenagers do – she rebels. 
Love, sex and rebellion mix in a dangerous and self-destructive way, which Lola uses as a means to escape from her oppressive reality. Fear of the Party subjugates society. Stefan teaches Lola to despise the Communists, but the State Security is everywhere, even among Lola’s lovers.  
Meanwhile, a dangerous and powerful man, Orlin Kolev, the Foreign Minister of Bulgaria, is obsessively prying into the Karamihovs family's private life, until Maroussia agrees to become his lover - a calculated decision to promote her career and protect her family. Kolev is an elegant and seductive man in a high position, with the power to decide the course of Karamihovs' lives. 
Sexual violence, cynicism, politics, the painful severing of friendships due to unordinary sexual preferences, spying in the name of family and career, a hidden Solzhenitsyn book, sex as a painkiller, fear ruling society at every level – the sum of all that disintegrates young Lola’s personality like a slow and cruel poisonous undercurrent. She feels betrayed by everyone, and no one can ever be trusted.

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