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Title:For the dead nothing unless good or funny
Author: Lyuben Dilov
Cover design by:Vladimir Todorov, Chavdar Gyuzelev
Pages:280 pages
Size:14 х 21 см. cm
Price:16,00 lv.
"I do not dare judge them. To judge means, that you do not understand, because if you understand, you will not be able to judge",
says Luben Dilov in the second part of this cheerful panopticum of writer's and sexually-totalitarian mores.
Both texts in the book are part of "manuscripts in a drawer", and the change of November 1989 found them. Published in the early years of the 90's in extremely small editiond, they are practically unknown for the readers.
Together with "Enthusiast" publishers, we rush to introduce them - in the second volume of the collected works of Lyuben Dilov, while the memory for the years of the second half of the ХХ century is not yet completely faded in our contemporaries. No claim for contribution to our literary history, they are very funny, funny-sad contribution in the history of mores. And if you suddenly find yourself, while looking at the histories of prominent and unknown Bulgarians posted below, do not be angry. We remind you one of the jokes of Dilov-father: "I woke up the beast in myself. It turned a raunchy rabbit ... “
Lyuben Dilov - Junior

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