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Title:Penguin Pandemonium
Author: Jeanne Willis
Translated by:Katya Perchinkova
Cover design by:Ed Vere
Pages:192 pages
Size:13 х 20 cm
Price:10,00 lv.
An unforgettably funny, animal adventure story about a little bird with big dreams from award-winning author Jeanne Willis. One of the fantastic titles in the brand new Awesome Animals series - the funniest fiction, starring the wildest wildlife, from prize winning authors.
Rory the rockhopper penguin loves showing off, but with few visitors to the zoo, life has become a little dull. If things don’t improve the zoo might have to close.
So when the keepers install Penguincam Rory grabs his chance with both flippers, organising a dazzling penguin talent show to pull in the crowds…

Малки пингвини с големи мечти – новите книжни приятели на децата (ZIP 2.37 MB)
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Пингвини в паника
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