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Title:Don't fly away
Author: Sara Rattaro
Translated by:Tsvetelena Todorova
Cover design by:Fideliya Koseva
Pages:272 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:15,00 lv.

Matteo loves the rain, he loves to feel that light touch on his skin. It is the only time when he is the same as the others, when he stops feeling different. Because Matteo was born deaf.

Today is exercise day. The speech therapist shows him a drawing with  three little birds. One flies away. How many are left? The question is repeated insistently. Matteo doesn’t reply, his voice doesn’t issue forth from his mouth, and in his deep eyes there is a world made only of silence. Suddenly the guttural voice says: ‘Why does it fly away?’

A little bird has flown away and Matteo has realised it before anyone else. Before his mum Sandra did. Before his sister Alice. His father has flown away, having decided to flee from his responsibilities.

To begin with, it wasn’t easy to raise little Matteo. Yet everyone pulled themselves together in the name of an unspoken commandment: stay together through love. But love itself has swept Alberto away, a love once lost and always regretted. One of those secrets from the past which upset your life when you least expect it. Doing it when you believe you are safe, because you are an adult and you know it cannot happen. Then it drags you away, as you rush in pursuit of your dreams.

But Alberto now has a family that needs him. Sandra, a woman who has sacrificed everything for her son. Alice, his adolescent daughter who is growing up too fast. But most of all it is Matteo who needs him, who yearns to shout ‘Dad, don’t fly away’.

This story is about every one of us, a story about a great, imperfect love.

This novel is about a brave boy, a frightened father and a down-to-earth girl. And about a mother who has not forgotten she is a woman. It is the undecipherable moment in life when love, guilt and forgiveness coalesce in one single instant.


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„Не ме оставяй“ от Сара Ратаро

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