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Title:Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse
Author: Torben Kuhlmann
Translated by:Velislava Valkanova
Pages:96 pages
Size:21,5 х 28 см cm
Price:18,00 lv.

One small step for a mouse; one giant leap for aviation.

These are dark times... for a small mouse. A new invention—the mechanical mousetrap—has caused all the mice but one to flee to America, the land of the free. But with cats guarding the steamships, trans-Atlantic crossings are no longer safe. In the bleakest of places the one remaining mouse has a brilliant idea. He must learn to fly!


Мишлето, което се научи да лети (ZIP 8.53 MB)
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Линдберг и мишлето-летец
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