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Title:Rebel Divas
Author: Cristina Morato
Translated by:Boriana Milusheva-Dukova
Cover design by:Fideliya Koseva
Pages:436 pages
Size:16,25 х 23,5 cm
Price:20,00 lv.

The names of Maria Callas, Coco Chanel, Wallis Simpson, Eva Peron, Barbara Hutton, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy have filled the pages of magazines for years. Thanks to their talent, beauty and bright personality, they have become legends. Famous, rich and attractive – in people’s eyes they look perfect. Being fashion icons they create their own style and have been followed by millions of women, who dream to be like them. In reality, however, these shining divas are lonely women, displeased with their appearance, jealously protecting their private space. They carry the same painful wounds that have never been healed: these women are denied the right to be loved, they are abandoned by their fathers, they suffer the consequences of war, the pain that the lost of a child causes, and their divorce traumas. By using the testimonies of people who used to know them for who they really were, I have tried to reveal their human side, this part of them that goes beyond success, fame and power, this part of them that includes their weaknesses and fears. The reader will find the lights and shadows of these rebellious women, who continue to fascinate us, proving wizard tales exist. Although they don’t have always a happy ending…

Cristina Morato


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