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Author: China Miéville
Translated by:Svetlana Komogorova-Komata
Cover design by:Fideliya Koseva
Pages:464 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:18,00 lv.

In the far future, humans have colonized a distant planet, home to the enigmatic Ariekei, sentient beings famed for a language unique in the universe, one that only a few altered human ambassadors can speak. Avice Benner Cho, a human colonist, has returned to Embassytown after years of deep-space adventure. She cannot speak the Ariekei tongue, but she is an indelible part of it, having long ago been made a figure of speech, a living simile in their language. When distant political machinations deliver a new ambassador to Arieka, the fragile equilibrium between humans and aliens is violently upset. Catastrophe looms, and Avice is torn between competing loyalties: to a husband she no longer loves, to a system she no longer trusts, and to her place in a language she cannot speak—but which speaks through her, whether she likes it or not.


„Посланическото градче“ – роман на идеите (ZIP 5.31 MB)
MEDIA FOR: Embassytown

Човеците, превърнати в Език
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