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Title:Edith Piaf
Author: Simone Berteaut
Translated by:Nikola Shivachev
Cover design by:Lilyana Karagyozova
Pages:520 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:20,00 lv.

"Her life was both so sad and so beautiful that it seems unbelievable". These words by Sacha Guitry describe best Edith Piaf's earthly life.
Simone Beteaut was Edith Piaf's half-sister and lifelong partner in mischief when they sang for tips in the streets, squares, cafés, and military camps, while living in a succession of cheap, squalid hotels during Piaf's early years.
As a true companion of Edith Piaf Simone Berteaut becomes a witness to great episodes of both her stage and personal life. The author tells about the collaboration between Piaf and famous French composers, poets, singers such as Yves Montand and Charles Aznavour, about the love she shares with Marcel Cerdan, about her marriage with Theo Sarapo and about all the adventures, infatuations and disappointments.
And just like that, piece by piece, Berteaut builds up the portrait of the amazing Edith Piaf – she is despotic, jealous, exacting, but also selfless and caring. She is domineering and unendurable sometimes. Fame and money manage to turn her head, and flatterers constantly tell her she is the best and the most beautiful one. But when the lights are turned off in the dark there is only an exhausted and played out woman, ruined by drugs and alcohol. A woman with a broken heart – because no matter how admired and adored she was by men, none of these men spared her. But above all she was a woman with a great voice – a voice that sweeps the city away in order to glorify the love of the suburbs, the street, the accidental meetings, the parties… This voice comes from the bottom of her heart and has been tearing hearts from decades…


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