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Title:The Joy of Eating
Author: Petya Raeva
Cover design by:Tony Ganchev
Pages:236 pages
Size:13 х 20 см cm
Price:12,00 lv.

Love is what makes us complete.

To me love is not equal to self-love. The road I have chosen is to love who you are, and my main purpose in life is to improve myself. The people I meet often ask me: What is the secret of success? The answer is simple – you just need to see yourself as a wonderful creation (no matter what your weight is), a creation that travels in space and communicates, gives and receives love and subordinates its life to beauty. This is the means of achieving peace in your soul and a fit body.

Ever since I got thin I have found out that how I feel and how I look like are two strongly connected things… I’m happy with the way I look now, but I’m happier that I have changed my own attitude towards myself. I do think that we should take care of our soul the way we take care of our body. My life is subordinate to balance in both thoughts and nutrition…

The rest is love towards life – I have transferred a great amount of this love to nutrition and making food. To me this was the key to success. I offer you a journey in the world of water – wonderful and unique, which I strongly hope will be both useful and fun for you.


„Това e система на хранене – начин на живот, а не книга за отслабване“ (ZIP 7.23 MB)
„Най-важното е да сме здрави и доволни от живота си“ (ZIP 4.27 MB)
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