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Title:The Curse of the Transition
Author: Georgi Atanassov
Cover design by:Tony Ganchev
Pages:144 pages
Size:13 х 20 см cm
Price:10,00 lv.

Did history come to an end after the fall of the Berlin Wall? According to some politicians the collapse of the Eastern Bloc 25 years ago was supposed to bring along world-wide relief after the Cold War. Just the other way round – the lacking balance and unipolar world has slipped rapidly into a state of total chaos – rising civil conflicts, ethnic massacre, terrorism and criminal mutiny, all presented as soft revolutions.
The coup in history in favor of the global oligarchy was made by Mikhail Gorbachev, who was anathematized in his own country as Judas and Herostratus. How did the Soviet nomenclature and its Bulgarian followers turn the unstable political power into hereditary capital? Why did the majority of Bulgarians begin to live worse under the conditions of façade “democracy” and monopolistic market competition compared to the times before November 10, 1989? Who are the ones to blame for the Transition’s nightmare, which has turned the country into economic, social, cultural and demographic desert?
This is just a part of the „Curse of the Transition“…


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