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Title:The Twins
Author: Saskia Sarginson
Translated by:Maria Child
Cover design by:Vihra Stoeva
Pages:328 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:15,00 lv.

Isolte and Viola are twins. Inseparable as children, they’ve grown into very different adults: Isolte, a successful features writer for a fashion magazine with a photographer boyfriend and a flat in Bloomsbury, and Viola, an anorexic engaged in a protracted suicide.

What juncture forced them apart? As both women start to unravel the escalating tragedies of a half-remembered summer (one from her desk in the city, the other from her bed in a psychiatric ward), will the struggle to come to terms with the past be liberating, or will each twin be crushed under its weight?


Те бяха еднакви във всичко, докато немислимото не ги раздели! (ZIP 4.78 MB)
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