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Title:House of Glass
Author: Sergey Ustinov
Translated by:Nadia Popova
Cover design by:Tsviatko Ostoich
Pages:328 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:12,00 lv.
The claimants for the 30-million inheritance of a mysterious collector of antiques are more than enough. But will they live long enough to get their money? In this intricate story everyone is against everyone, since the death of one increases the share of the rest.
While trying to avoid a series of mysterious murders Stass Severin makes an investigation in the snakes nest - a brilliant house of glass, on the edge between life and death.
After “Irresistible Desire” Sergey Ustinov, faithful to his exquisite slang, takes us through unexpected inceptions of the action and enthralling outcome in a never-ending racing in the streets, roofs and dens of the underground world in the Russian capital. Love is there, as well. It has been unexpectedly preserved during the years so that it can cheer us up eventually, after moments of breath-taking tension, with amazingly bright fireworks, marking the next success of our favorite Stass Severin.

„Ако човек живее в стъклена къща, не си струва да замеря с камъни съседите си.“ (ZIP 3.04 MB)
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