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Title:To the Coast
Author: Tim Krohn
Translated by:Zdravka Evstatieva
Cover design by:Viktor Paunov
Pages:316 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:15,00 lv.

Anna and Josefa are inseparable, living almost like sisters in the large house that their parents share on the North German coast. But, having spent their teenage years in each other’s pockets, the sudden and tragic death of Josefa’s mother when the girls are just seventeen sends this apparently happy domestic idyll into freefall. So begins this moving and utterly compulsive story about individuals coming to terms with their past, about guilt and atonement, forgiving and forgetting, and about embracing one’s own fallibility in order to move on in life.

A skilful storyteller, Krohn grips his reader from start to finish, with characters so believable and engaging that they are missed when the novel reaches its close. What remains in their stead is a powerful sense of the possibility of forgiveness, of the ability of human beings to move beyond painful tragedies in their lives, and of the richness of character and experience in this eminently translatable story.


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На морето, Тим Крон
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