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Title:Steppe Gods
Author: Andrei Gelasimov
Translated by:Vasil Danov
Cover design by:Maksim Yachev
Pages:240 pages
Size: 14 x 21 cm
Price:13,00 lv.
The distant Siberian steppe. A godforsaken village near the Chinese border in the time between the end of the war against Hitler's Germany and the beginning of the battle against the Japanese empire. Through the eyes of a fast maturing boy as a whirlpool we see the life of the Soviet Union in the fateful year of 1945. Marines and tankmen, drunk moujiks and aging but unbroken women, prematurely orphaned cigarette smoking children, the Asian cruelty of Stalinism and the innate goodness of the Russian people, samurai hara-kiri and ancient Japanese wisdom are woven together in fine haiku verses and a sinister saga about the fall of Nagasaki.
Steppe Gods is like a sip of ice cold and pure water form the depths of Lake Baikal. Like the inebriating fragrance of steppe flowers during the short summers in the vast steppes between Manchuria and the Pacific Ocean. Like an ancient legend of the Buryat shamans, who had a premonition about the radioactivity of the Russian uranium mines.

Steppe Gods resembles a one-act play with humble cast and a plot that blows like powerful dynamite.
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