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Title:Night with the White Horses
Author: Pavel Vezhinov
Cover design by:Viktor Paunov
Pages:464 pages
Size:13 x 20 cm
Price:18,00 lv.
Edition dedicated to the 100th university of Pavel Vezhinov

Professor Ouroumov is the author of a scientific hypothesis that has given a meaning to his whole life and has opened up new perspectives to science itself. At the age of 65, Ouroumov is the Director of the Institute of Microbiology. He is of high social standing, but miserable in his personal life. His relations with his wife are tepid because of a past infidelity, but they continue living together. There is a real twist in the professor’s personal and professional life, when his nephew Sasho publishes his advanced scientific ideas and new hypotheses about the progress of cancer and signs the article with his uncle’s name. The article is followed by a backlash at the Institute. Disappointed and tired of his colleagues, prof. Ouroumov resigns. In this turning point of his life, he meets his soul mate in the person of Maria. Another stroke of fake follows, but this one is about to lead to irreversible events.

Новият прочит на Павел Вежинов (ZIP 4.42 MB)
Честваме 100 години от рождението на Павел Вежинов (ZIP 4.43 MB)
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„Нощем с белите коне“ за 100 г. Павел Вежинов
100 години от рождението на Павел Вежинов
Коварният чар на успеха според Павел Вежинов

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