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Title:Storm over Provence
Author: Frederick d'Onaglia
Translated by:Silvia Koleva
Pages:228 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:13,00 lv.

In the heart of Provence two rival families are having a war. Jealousy, lies and greed create a fatal maelstrom...

30-something-year-old Alessandra Arnoult lives in Burkina Faso, where she runs the local department of the family cosmetic company “La Provencal”.  After her father’s death, she lives far from France and she does not know what is happening in her motherland. When she comes back for her mother’s birthday, she is shocked to find out that her brother deliberately has led the company to bankruptcy. She does not know that behind the curtains the Garbiani family – an enemy of Arnoult of many years – pulls the wires of the business. What is this hatred all about?

The conflict between the families reaches its climax when a murder is committed in the factory. A young journalist has been killed, who, while alive, was after a fraud and money laundering scheme. Who is the murderer? Is it Alessandra’s brother? Marius Garbiani? Or is there a third family involved? Will Alessandra manage to preserve the company and her family’s reputation? Will she be able to enjoy the peace and love she desperately looks for?


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Любов и вражда под небето на Прованс
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