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Title:The Passion of Women
Author: Sebastien Japrisot
Translated by:Silvia Koleva
Pages:400 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:16,00 lv.

On a beautiful summer day, on a deserted beach, a young man falls dead from a gunshot through his chest. Who pulled the trigger?
One after another, eight women tell the love stories they share with him without hiding the moments of pleasure and the moments of agony, moments that might have suggested taking his life away once and for all. Who tells the truth, though? Is that Emma – the young bride he kidnaps on her wedding night? Or thebeautiful prostitute Belinda? Or is it Zozo – the girl with the snow-white skin who colors it every day in order to turn herself into a black pearl? The list goes on with the young widow Caroline – the head of a brothel in France, and with Frou-Frou – a manicurist from Paris, who has become a movie star in Hollywood and who used to hide this stranger on a yacht and took him to the other side of the world.  Only to meet Yoko – a passionate and depraved Japanese girl, who survived a shipwreck on a desert island in the South Pacific. Toledo comes next – a battlefield nurse, who takes care of the protagonist in a military camp in Burma. Last, but not least, comes Marie-Martin – the lawyer, who has to defend in court the man she has always loved.  These ladies’ confessions seem to be the pieces of the puzzle – they put the image of this man of many faces together, who easily enchants women and leaves a trace in their lives.
Sebastien Japriso offers us an extremely authentic and impressive novel, which tears off the masks – behind the laughter lies the nostalgia, lies confront pity and guilt, and the real memories mix with fiction only to prove the fact that this book is a genius game of imagination.


Страст и романтика по френски, изпипан криминален сюжет по британски (ZIP 1.36 MB)
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„Любимецът на жените“ - Себастиен Жапризо

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