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Title:Death in Pont-Aven
Author: Jean-Luc Bannalec
Translated by:Vanya Peneva
Cover design by:Anna Georgieva
Pages:332 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:15,00 lv.
A baffling murder in an idyllic French seaside village, a tangle of family secrets and a puzzling mystery await Commissaire Dupin in this captivating whodunit thriller.

Commissaire Georges Dupin, a cantankerous, Parisian-born caffeine junkie is dragged from his morning croissants and coffee to the scene of a curious murder. The local village of Pont-Aven - a sleepy community by the sea where everyone knows one other and nothing much seems to happen – is in shock. The manager at the Central Hotel has come downstairs that morning to find ninety-one-year-old owner Pierre-Louis Pennec dead on the restaurant floor.

Dupin and his team identify five principal suspects, including a rising political star, a longtime friend of the victim and a wealthy art historian. Further incidents – first a break-in, then another death – only compound the mystery. As Commissaire Dupin delves further and further into the lives of the victim and the suspects, he uncovers a web of secrecy and silence that belies the village’s idyllic image.

“The bestselling thriller of spring” Die Welt

“Dupin is a quirky as his Italian counterparts Montalbano and Brunetti… a cheerful, sun-drenched, stress-free whodunit thriller” Der Spiegel

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