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Title:22 Britannia Road
Author: Amanda Hodgkinson
Translated by:Denitsa Karakusheva
Cover design by:Ivо Rafailov
Pages:336 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:15,00 lv.

The dramatic consequences of the war lay the foundation of this affecting and enthralling novel about a family that desperately tries to put itself back together and create a new life, while each of its members fights with the horrifying memories of the past.

The young Polish Silvana and her 8-year-old son travel to England. There, her husband Janusz , who she has not seen for 6 years, expects them. Janusz takes part in the World War II. He wanders around Europe for several years, whereupon he travels to England to look for his lost family.

Silvana and her son live in the forests around Warsaw, scared to go back to the city where the Germans have settled. Her son is a wild, almost feral kid, who talks to animals and birds. Nevertheless, they both survive.

Silvana carries a terrible secret. Janusz, as well. In France, he falls in love with a woman he things he would never forget. But now he is trying to create a new home for his family in Ipswich and hopes that all of them, together, will be able to overcome the alienation and send the ghosts from the past away.

The ghost of both war and tough times of separation will haunt these tormented people until they face the things they needed to do in order to survive through the merciless war.

"An affecting story, extremely well told."   The Times.

“A riveting historical novel of love and war.”   O, The Oprah Magazine

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