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Title:Love's Hunters
Author: Lea Cohen
Cover design by:Zornitsa Sophia
Pages:368 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:16,00 lv.
Three of the early novels by Lea Cohen have been included in “Love's Hunters”. Each of them takes us to the mysterious world of love intimacy, to the most sacred love experiences which cannot be affected even by death.

“Till death do us part” is autofiction which is dedicated to an author’s beloved man, who is unexpectedly stricken by death.

“The brief eternity of Alma M.” reveals the parallel stories of the legendary couple Gustav and Alma Mahler from the beginning of the 20th century and their contemporary researcher. During the emotional journey through the Mahler’s biography the contemporary Alma finds out that strong love has a magnetic impact that equals eternity.

In “Floriada” readers will probably find the ideal man in the person of Doctor Florian Belopitov – a character with a complex fate, who after four decades of going through fire and water and four meetings with love discovers the meaning of his job and true love.

Три новели за любовта (ZIP 2.41 MB)
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