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Title:The Collector of Diaries
Author: Lea Cohen
Cover design by:Tony Ganchev
Pages:264 pages
Size:14х21 cm
Price:15,00 lv.

Diaries used to be the victory over the oblivion. People were used to take notes of what they had been doing in order to know later on what to remember and what to forget. They were so pleased with themselves that rarely did they know how the already written could testify against them someday.

In 2013 a former actress was found dead in her own apartement. A few days after her tragic death a young publisher receives the first of several anonymous manuscripts. The only thing these manuscripts have in common is the name of the exclusive cabaret performer Esther Berger who disappeared mysteriously in 1943, when the writer Nestor Kalev was not even born. Publisher's desideration to find the truth about one particular disappearance has been encouraged by filial scruples and professional interest. The only way he could achieve his goal is by finding evidence from people who are still alive and whose destinies have been connected to Esther Berger.

Based on actual events from the dark years of the Second World War, this criminal subject includes famous characters such as the married couple Filovi and Beckerle, Prince Kiril, Albert Goering, King Boris III. The past convincingly enters the present day with its new Sofia elite in order to both disentagle an intrigue of once committed crimes and learn a lesson.


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