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Title:Mark Engraving
Author: Svetlozar Stoyanov
Cover design by:Ivо Rafailov
Pages:196 pages
Size:13 х 20 cm
Price:12,00 lv.

„It can be told without an exaggeration that Svetlozar Stoyanov can do with words anything - to be severe, poetical, pathetic, blasphemous. His great advantage is that he writes only about things he knows well; that he knows the secret of the limit; that he has learned how to use the autobiography story as well as the travel notes and the publicism in litareture.“
Deyan Enev
„When somebody describes a queue for pastry in the way that you can feel the presence of the whole world - he is a master. And I look at him with respect. It seems like Svetlio repeats Vincent's words. Aha, yes - the same Vincent Van Gogh: „I prefer to draw the eyes of a prostitute instead of the most majestic cathedral“. Old women, sad people, mail vans, his own body - it doesn't matter what the painter draws! He is just excited and moves his hand, led by this excitement. He writes and registers the vibrations of the world that are invisible to others. The dramatic, breathless impulse is important... the impulse for those Thing which we'll never be able to define, but anyhow we'll always refer to it as Art.“
Kalin Terzyiski

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„Отразяването на действителността не е нищо без подправките на таланта“ (ZIP 3.38 MB)
„Животът бавно гравира върху нас своя дълъг разказ“ (ZIP 4.05 MB)
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Животът гравира своя дълъг разказ
Светлозар Стоянов шлифова гравюра от свирепа красота
Гравюра от белези
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