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Title:The Lying Year
Author: Andrei Gelasimov
Translated by:Vasil Danov
Cover design by:Ivо Rafailov
Pages:272 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:14,00 lv.
Could have been the blown business deal with the Italians. Could have been the unauthorized office party, which ended with the cops—and then an arrest. No matter what finally got him fired, Mikhail never expected to find himself at Red Star Industries’ office again.
So down-and-out Mikhail is surprised to be called in by old boss Pavel Petrovich, who offers Mikhail easy money and the Land Rover of his dreams to teach his son, Sergei, how to “be a man”—and to spy on him.
Of course, Sergei’s not the Internet-obsessed recluse his father believes. He’s hiding a relationship with the beautiful Marina, who Mikhail himself can’t help but fall for as well. To keep it all together, Mikhail finds himself lying to Petrovich about his son’s activities, lying to Marina about Sergei’s intentions, and lying to Sergei about his love for Marina. So when Sergei’s father invites them all to Italy, the web of lies holding their world together begins to fall apart, and about the time Mikhail finds himself held hostage at gunpoint, he realizes he’s gotten in way over his head…

„Година на лъжата“ – най-продаваният и успешен роман на Андрей Геласимов вече в България (ZIP 1.68 MB)
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Андрей Геласимов, Година на лъжата
Любов и лъжи по време на преход

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