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Title:The Descent of the Lyre
Author: Will Buckingham
Translated by:Margarita Terzieva
Cover design by:Tony Ganchev
Pages:248 pages
Size:14 х 21 cm
Price:14,00 lv.
It is the early nineteenth century, and the Bulgarian village of Gela, the legendary home of Orpheus, is suffering under the heavy taxation and arbitrary justice of Ottoman rule. When his bride-to-be is abducted the night before his wedding, Ivan Gelski takes to the hills and turns to banditry to seek revenge. But a chance encounter with a travelling guitarist, and the bloodshed that follows, set him on a musical journey through fame, martyrdom and legend. In this remarkable reinvention of the tale of Orpheus, Will Buckingham plunges us into the music and folklore of Bulgaria, in a parable about storytelling, sainthood and myth-making.

Уил Бъкингам: Красотата на българската природа и фолклор са моето вдъхновение (ZIP 4.08 MB)
Уил Бъкингам преоткрива мита за Орфей (ZIP 4.22 MB)
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