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Title:Yoga nutrition. Advice and recipes
Author: Bulgarian Yoga Association
Cover design by:Viktor Paunov
Pages:176 pages
Size:13 х 20 cm
Price:11,00 lv.
The word yoga is of Sanskrit origin and means “unity, connectedness”. Yoga is a polished through the centuries system of practices, universal rules for healthy lifestyle and a general philosophy. The yoga techniques take you step by step to ways of achieving harmony in all aspects of your life – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

The yoga diet consists of fresh vegetarian foods lovingly cooked. Maybe after you improve your diet you will be more enthusiastic to explore the other five yoga practices – asana, breathing, relaxation, positive thinking and meditation – as well. Even if you are only interested in the physical yoga exercise you will be pleasantly surprised with the improvement in your lifestyle after you change your diet with „Yoga nutrition“. Here you will find a lot of useful advice and recipes.
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Книги за душата - „Йога хранене“
Йога хранене
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