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Title:You Are the Next One
Author: Liubomir Levchev
Cover design by:Tsviatko Ostoich
Pages:620 pages
Size:14,5 х 21 cm
Price:22,00 lv.
„You Are the Next One!“ What is this? Curse? Warning? Insight? Contempt?... In this Marat's yell we can see the universal retribution law, can't we?…„You, my friend, are only the next! You are the consequence that will become a reason.“...

With these words Lubomir Levchev draw the readers again into his memoir novel for the reason to entrust to them some of the most memorable experiences in his life - with Vladimir Visozki, Yevgeny Evtushenko, Andrei Voznesensky, Carmelo Gonzalez, Ludmila Zhivkova, Ulia Krasteva and others. The author shares important moments of his life such as his travel to Germany. For the first time there his book was published outside his country. His saty in Banya village was also significant - he was sent there "to learn about life" for several months. Levchev tells us about his friendship with Georgy Markov ant their funny plans to emigrate in Italy together. His trip to Latin America, his meetings with Fidel Castro, Angela Davis, Luis Corvalan, Salvador Allende as well as many others are full of  political and human dramatism.

„Ти, приятелю, си само следващият! Ти си следствието, което ще стане причина“ (ZIP 1.73 MB)

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