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Title:The Book of Possibilities. 75 Ways to Get Over the Momentum and to Change Your Life
Author: Albert Liebermann
Translated by:Boriana Milusheva-Dukova
Cover design by:Vihra Stoeva
Pages:200 pages
Size:13 X 20 cm
Price:12,00 lv.
Many failures and depressions appear from the wrong idea that „things are as they are“ and can not be changed. The reader of these lines here and now follows one of many possible ways that could have chosen in their life. As stated in the poem by M. Scott Peck , when we go off the beaten path , we find a forest of options; over there everything is possible to happen because everything lies ahead to be done.
Life is full of chances that we did not even realize as we actuate by force of habit with our eyes closed. In the same night sky, some see only darkness, but others find the stars and let themselves be led by them to new destinies. This inspiring book is for those who know that nothing is predetermined and that the best lies just round the corner.
The book invites us to open our minds to new possibilities offered to the reader for him to go towards new horizons and to put the end to the monotonous way of thinking.

Welcome to the „The Book of Possibilities“. A journey of discovery , success and realization is about to begin.

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